To Have and To Hold Your Hair Back Bridal Party Hair Ties

Kate Aspen

Bridal Party Hair Ties make a handy gift your bride tribe will appreciate. These hair ties are perfect for holding their hair back when they've had a little too much to drink at the bachelorette party. They're also perfect for holding their hair out of the way while they're applying their makeup on your big day and they won't leave creases. Add these hair ties to bridesmaid proposal gifts, give them as bachelorette party favors, or have them on hand when you're all getting ready for the wedding. 

  • Sold in packs of 6. Each pack has 4 hair ties.
  • Color: Pink, White, and Gold.
  • Hair tie designs are as follow: pink with 2 gold stripes, white with gold diamonds, "Bride's Babes" written in metallic gold, and metallic gold
  • Measures: 2.8" w x 4.3" d x 0.2" h