Planning Checklists

When it comes to planning a wedding or other celebrations, a planning checklist can be your best friend. Using a checklist keeps you on track, reduces that feeling of being totally overwhelmed, and lowers stress levels that often spike when planning an event. Here are some planning checklists to help you stay on track when you're the one in charge of making sure everything goes off without a hitch!

Wedding Planning Checklist

If the mere thought of planning a wedding makes you feel like skipping the wedding and jumping directly to the honeymoon this checklist may help put it in perspective. Just breathe deeply, relax, and let the wedding checklist be your guide.

Bridal Shower Checklist

When it's time to shower the bridal couple with love and best wishes, this checklist is a great reference for planning that special time to be spent with family and friends. Since couples generally don't host their own wedding showers, be sure to hand-off this fantastic resource to those in charge.

Groom’s Checklist 

For grooms who want to be involved in the wedding planning - or for brides who want them to be, regardless - the Groom's Checklist is tailored specifically for the groom and his responsibilities. This month-by-month schedule begins 12 months prior right through to the wedding day.