Wedding Necklaces

Our gorgeous collection of necklaces features Cubic Zirconia in pendants, chokers and bold "Hollywood" bling designs to suit any wedding or special event. You'll also find necklaces in Rhinestone, Swarovski Crystal and Freshwater Pearls or Colored Pearls.

One of our most popular bridal jewelry designs are the appropriately named "back necklaces". This alluring collection of necklaces have the sophistication of traditional wedding pearls with the couture element of a fabulous pearl tail cascading down the open back.

Back necklaces are perfect to wear with an open or drop backed gown as it adorns both the neck and the back. The necklaces can also be reversed to wear the "tail" in the front to embellish a plunging neckline - ooh, la, la.

A gorgeous necklace can completely transform your wedding day look. When choosing your wedding necklace, consider the neckline of your dress. Some necklines are perfect for an exquisite statement necklace, while others will look better with a more simple design.

At Love Wedding Shop, you'll find a lovely selection of necklaces to choose from.