Choosing Your Bridal Veil

September 03, 2015

Choosing Your Bridal Veil

Your wedding day is the one time you get to wear a bridal veil. (Okay, playing dress-up when you were little doesn't count). Wear a bridal veil and everyone automatically knows you're the bride. 

Bride Wearing Bridal Veil

But how do you know which bridal veil to choose?

First you should decide whether it should be "something old". Wearing your mother's or grandmother's bridal veil is a beautiful and meaningful way to go. And the problem is solved.

But if you want it to be "something new", then keep reading.

Decide how much of a statement you want to make.

Do you want something dramatic and attention grabbing or something simple and understated? Do you dream of a long flowing bridal veil gliding down the aisle behind you, or something shorter that you can wear right through the reception and won't get in the way as you dance the night away?

After you've decided on a length, decide on whether it should be plain or embellished.

Your bridal veil should complement your dress, not compete with it. If you're wearing an elaborately embellished gown, go with a more plain and simple veil. But if your gown is plain and simple, go with a more elaborate bridal veil. It could have lace, pearls, or even rhinestones or crystals to add some bling. Choose something that fits your style and personality.

Decide how long you want to wear it.

Most brides are choosing to wear a veil just for the ceremony and remove it for the reception. Keep in mind, the photographer will be taking lots of photos, so you may want to leave it on at least until after your cake cutting.

If you're planning on wearing it right through the reception, make sure it's manageable and won't get in the way with all the hugging and dancing you'll be doing. If you want to keep your veil on for the reception and you've chosen a cathedral length bridal veil, you can layer it with a shorter length veil for the ceremony and remove just the longer veil for the reception.

if you decide to remove the veil for the reception, it's a good idea to replace it with a tiara, comb, or headband. And be sure you can remove it easily without ruining your hairstyle.

Match your veil to your dress and hairstyle. 

Different fabrics like tulle, lace, and chiffon come in many shades that are almost the same, but not quite. So if you're veil shopping without the dress, make sure you bring a fabric swatch of the dress.

To make sure your bridal veil compliments your hairstyle, bring it along to your hair trial appointment.

Still not sure?

Wearing a bridal veil or not wearing one is a personal choice. But remember to give it careful thought. Hopefully, you'll never have a chance to wear one again.

Well, that's it. I hope this helps make choosing a bridal veil easier.

Are you ready to start shopping for your bridal veil? Take a look at our beautiful bridal veil options. 

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