What shouldn’t be in a modern wedding

Many young couples getting married dream of having a modern wedding that meets all the fashion trends. Weddings today are very different from weddings of yesteryear, they have become more stylish, beautiful and spectacular.

Now we will tell you what simply should not be on a modern good wedding.

  • First of all, it is simply terrible when there is no unified concept and harmony in the design of the wedding. Different wedding accessories (multicolored invitations, green banquet cards, pink pads for the rings, golden book of wishes, etc.) and the design of the banquet hall without observing a unified color scheme – it’s a thing of the past.
  • Balloons and hand-drawn posters to decorate the wedding reception – has long smelled of mothballs. A stylish, modern wedding is decorated with textiles and fresh flowers.
  • A wedding motorcade of different cars (different brands, different colors), made up of “what friends and relatives have. Yes, organizing a wedding is a costly affair, and many couples tend to save money on different things. But the motorcade should look as a whole – representative and spectacular.
  • Trivial wedding photos. No rolling around “on monuments,” no boring pictures in the arms of trees and bushes, and masterpieces like “the bride in the palm of your hand”! A wedding photo shoot should be original, take into account the preferences and tastes of the bride and groom and ideally have a storyline. The use of all sorts of props and accessories for the photo shoot is extremely welcome.
  • Bored guests during the photo shoot of the newlyweds. Taking care of guests’ leisure time – a modern wedding should pay a lot of attention to this. It is not enough to leave guests for an hour or two with champagne and sandwiches while the newlyweds take pictures. It is necessary to think about their leisure time. For example, invite a separate photographer, offer to record a video message to the bride and groom, entertain with games or a master class.
  • Doubtful games and contests. Today, the organization of the wedding prescribes a careful selection of entertainment for the banquet. Contests with dressing up guests in ridiculous outfits, contests “below the belt,” games of the series “who will drink (eat) faster” DO NOT belong at a modern wedding!
  • All entertainments connected with collection of money – today it is definitely a bad tone. This applies to contests and games, as well as to the sale of the wedding cake.
  • Stealing the bride, the groom, the shoes – let these traditional wedding entertainments remain only in the memory of parents. Today they are hardly appropriate and relevant.

It is also worth paying separate attention to whether the celebration is necessary:

  • The bride price in principle;
  • A trip of the groom for the bride;
  • meeting the young people with a loaf;
  • Conducting traditional wedding ceremonies.