Modern weddings: specifics of holding

The modern wedding is a symbiosis of beauty, simplicity, convenience, and fun. The vastness of the Internet is helping the wedding art to develop at a rapid pace. And sometimes it seems that organizers, decorators, and wedding designers no longer have anything to surprise us. However, every day they are looking for and are sure to find something new, unique, and very beautiful. What is a modern wedding?

How to hold a modern wedding?

A modern wedding is a step-by-step organized celebration that has the following distinctive features:

Aesthetics everywhere and in everything:

  • The venue, decorations, dishes and outfits.
  • The use of fresh flowers in the decorations and the image of the young people.
  • Sophisticated photo session.
  • Decorating of photobooths.
  • Outdoor registration and celebration.
  • Waiver of intrusive and awkward contests.
  • Zoned arrangement of guests at tables.

And now about everything in order.

The aesthetics

Before the celebration of weddings suited factory canteen or mother’s apartment, which were decorated with balloons and painted posters “The advice and love,” the modern wedding is celebrated only in cafes, restaurants, summer porches or just outside in pavilions. And no “pioneering” amateurism: if balloons, then in a perfectly stacked arch, if flowers, then harmoniously selected and arranged in a personal bouquet for each table. This is exactly how a typical European style wedding should look like.


This feature can not help but admire, because fresh flowers, collected in neat arrangements, look great. Keep in mind that the bride’s bouquet, flowers for hair decoration, groom’s boutonniere, etc. should be of the same colors as the general decorations. The end result will be a complete wedding composition that will look simply stunning in the photo.

Photo shoot

From how much effort and time modern brides spend on finding a photographer, how they spend preparing for a wedding photo shoot, it seems that they are getting married for the sake of beautiful pictures. Of course, this is not the case. But the role of the photo session in the organization of the wedding celebration is by no means exaggerated. More often than not, the young couple rents a special studio for a few hours, the atmosphere of which corresponds to the theme of their celebration. In such places, the light is perfectly exposed, the furniture and decor selected. The bride receives incredible beauty shots, which will adorn the pages of her social networks for a long time to come.

Photo area

To ride around the numerous sights of the city together with all the guests is no longer relevant. As a rule, the newlyweds, along with witnesses and a couple or three friends, stop by one or two places and go to the banquet. And how to hold a modern wedding to leave beautiful pictures with all the other friends and relatives? To do this, you can arrange a photo area, according to the style of the celebration – a beautiful background and a minimal setting, perhaps a photo shoot props.


Fortunately, tables are no longer placed in a letter “U”. Modern wedding planning involves dividing all guests into groups. For example: young relatives, adult relatives, older people, closest friends, colleagues, children. Each of these groups has its own table, at which guests will get to know each other more quickly, find much in common, and have fun.

Modern Style Wedding

Wedding art keeps up with the times, and according to this, trends are constantly changing. A modern wedding is a celebration that immediately shows a certain style. Here are what styles of weddings choose today’s newlyweds:

  • Provence,
  • boho,
  • rustic,
  • vintage,
  • loft,
  • shebby-chic,
  • powder wedding,
  • mint wedding,
  • a marsala wedding.

But classics, oddly enough, are relevant at all times. And no matter what all the other styles enticed, many people still choose the classic one. In addition, it does not require additional and unusual accessories and decorations, such as rustic or loft. It is enough to choose a suitable restaurant and decorate it with flowers and candles. You can easily cope with these tasks on your own or with the help of friends.