Gentleman’s set. Classic men’s suit accessories

Men’s accessories are a way of self-expression. They are markers of social status, style and taste. Let’s consider popular types of men’s accessories and how to wear them.


Cufflinks are a classic accessory for men’s suits. But with them all is not so simple. To wear cufflinks you need a shirt with French cuffs. It is believed that only such a shirt should be worn with a ceremonial suit. However, this does not mean that it is inappropriate for everyday image.

Cufflinks differ first of all by the fastener. The four basic types of cufflinks:

  • cufflinks-knots
  • double cufflinks
  • English cufflinks
  • classical cufflinks


Clip – an accessory, thanks to which the tie will fit tightly to the shirt regardless of weather conditions or movements.

Tie clamps are divided by the type of fixation:

  • Tie clip with prongs. The part without teeth on top of the tie. The bottom part with serrations attaches to the shirt. Good for wide ties.
  • Smooth clamp without teeth. The fixation is worse, but such an accessory is suitable for thin ribbon ties.
  • Clamp with a chain and a ring – you fix the ring on the shirt button beforehand.

Tie Chain

The function of a necktie chain is identical to that of a clamp. Nowadays, such accessories look quite vintage and make the image extravagant.


The fashion for men’s pins came in the 19th century. They were replaced by chains and clips.

Classic tie pins have spiral notches on the needle and a clasp on the back that prevents the pin from falling out.

The pin can also be attached to the collar of a coat or jacket – as a striking accent to the image.

Small, concise pins are an alternative to brooches, which are considered feminine jewelry. A pin can be not just a decoration, but a sign of belonging to an organization or type of activity.

Pins are attached to a vest, collar of a jacket or jacket.


A boutonniere is one or several flowers in a buttonhole.Traditionally carnations or roses in the tone of the suit are used. This accessory is now worn on special occasions – graduation, weddings, anniversaries.