5 Wedding Trends 2021: What Will Be Following the Pandemic Wedding?

“The world won’t be the same”-how many times have we heard this phrase lately. The pandemic and the restrictions have indeed made significant changes in the lives of many people around the world. We cannot predict how long the anti-coronavirus measures will last, or whether our lives, work, and rest will return to the way they used to be 100 percent. But we can already voice some trends that set the vector for the wedding industry in 2021.

The general trends are as follows:

  • Safety measures and cleanliness are coming to the forefront of location selection.
  • More and more couples are favoring outdoor venues, if the season and weather permit.
  • Chamber weddings are becoming more popular.
  • Couples are again realizing the importance of tradition and adding symbolic details to their celebration.

Let’s talk in more detail about the intricacies of the wedding concept in 2021 and the peculiarities of organizing weddings in the new reality of 2021.

Wedding Style

The wedding world is going back to the classics. Choosing a specific theme or strictly following a certain style is no longer as popular. Classic weddings with elements of other styles and meaningful accent details for the couple are back in vogue.

Weddings are becoming more and more a spiritual family event, rather than a noisy corporate party.

The desire to make a “feast for the whole world” is replaced by the desire of couples to fill this day with unforgettable emotions, first of all, for themselves, but also for a close circle of relatives and friends. Wedding traditions are coming back, but this does not mean that it is necessary to shout “Bitter!” to the newlyweds a hundred times or necessarily sign in the registry office under the monotonous speech of a registrar woman in a brocade dress. Couples can come up with their own rituals and symbolic ceremonies that will make the celebration special, warm and memorable.

It’s also especially valuable in the new year to add some sort of family heirloom to your wedding image: your grandmother’s brooch or comb for the bride, your father’s cufflinks or the groom’s tie clip, an engagement ring that has been passed down in your family from generation to generation… You can make accents in the decor that will remind you of your parents’ wedding, or replicate the style of their wedding photos.

Speaking about popular styles, experts still call one of the leading boho-style, which for several years does not give up its leading positions. Light ethnics, colorful Morocco and extravagant boho-chic will join the ranks of one more colleague – bohemian style with aesthetics of 70th.


Isolation has taught us the most important thing: Human companionship is very valuable. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your guests, all together and individually, at your wedding in 2021. This is especially true for the parents of the newlyweds.

Let them feel like VIPs, and for this it is not necessary to organize such a celebration as the parents would like. It is enough to include in the program of the celebration a few touching rituals associated with the older generation. For example, the dance of the bride with her father and the groom with his mother, the ritual of lighting the family hearth, or the response of the newlyweds with words of gratitude to their parents.

Now it’s not just the usual souvenirs, but also welcome-boxes with sanitizers and wet wipes; not only sunglasses and hats in summer and umbrellas and blankets in the cold season, but also babysitters and animators for children so their parents can fully relax at your celebration.

Chamber and micro-weddings

There are actually two major trends if we’re talking about the scale of weddings in 2021.

The first category of couples: those unaffected by the recession and financial problems, as well as those couples who moved their celebration from 2020 to the next year and were able to save up and increase their budget while they waited. These couples are going to celebrate an important event in a grandiose way, to “break away” from months of total restrictions and have a large-scale celebration that will impress and amaze all those invited.

The second category: couples who either decided for whatever reason to save money on the celebration, or realized the intimacy of an event like a wedding and wanted to share their happy moments only with a circle of their closest loved ones. They opted for a more modest in number of guests (but not necessarily modest in concept and design) version of a chamber celebration. This trend began gaining popularity a couple of years ago, and the percentage of chamber weddings continues to increase. What’s more, more and more often, couples are having micro-weddings with as few as 10-15 guests.

Savings and Support for Local Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Many brides and grooms are finding it important to support local businesses, and to help their wedding vendors through these difficult times of business restrictions. And at the same time, save money on some goods and services. What can be done as part of this approach to organizing a wedding?

  • Order products for the buffet and banquet from local farmers and farms. Under the circumstances, there is a chance that imported products will be very expensive and not as fresh as local products.
  • Use local, seasonal flowers for decor. There is even a trend for garden flowers grown personally by the bride and someone close to her.
  • Purchase maximum essentials from local companies, brands and handmade craftsmen. The wedding dress and groom’s suit from a local designer, decor made by your own hands or with the help of your relatives and bridesmaids, furniture and textiles ordered at a small factory nearby – all this is your contribution to support local business.

Interactive Entertainment Program

In the coming year, guests definitely won’t want to sit at the party table and just eat. A modern wedding is not just about bread, but also about spectacle. And during the lockdown and banning of live entertainment, everyone misses the activity, theater, movies, live performances and other entertainment.